End of term arrangements

Dear Parents, Carers and Students,
End of term arrangements
You would have already received letters from staff about an array of interesting days that we have planned for students to celebrate the end of term, after what has been a tumultuous year. However, please find below a summary of all activities taking place from Friday 16th July 2021 to Wednesday 21st July, which we hope all students will enjoy!
Friday 16th July (Dimension Day): Year 7 students at Notre Dame will be taking a Science based trip Dartmoor Zoo and Year 7 and 8 students at St Boniface’s College will be taking a Science based trip to Paignton Zoo. Year 8 students at Notre Dame will be taking a Geography based trip to the Eden Project.
For all trips – students can wear mufti along with sensible flat shoes for walking. A waterproof jacket, sun hat and sun cream is also required. Students must also bring a face covering unless they are exempt, and if they are exempt, they must wear their lanyard. Please also bring along a packed lunch and pens and pencils. Students who usually receive a free school meal will be provided with a packed lunch.
Year 9 students at both schools will be undertaking an RS led Spirituality Day based around the theme of ‘thankfulness’. Students will be in school all day and will need wear their PE kit. The day will involve music, dance, art and languages, along with reflection. Students can bring colouring pens and art supplies if they want to, although resources will be provided. The canteen will be open as normal for students to purchase food and drink during their breaks.
Year 10 students at both schools will be completing their English Oral exams and will need to wear their uniform. Following the exam, Notre Dame students will be able to enjoy a movie and some ice cream in the afternoon to reward them for their fantastic presentations. St Boniface’s College students will undertake team challenges throughout the day – similar to those seen on Tik Tok, to encourage teamwork and communication. Prizes will be given to the winning teams!
Year 12 students will be taking part in a UCAS application day. Students will start the day with a presentation/work shop from Next Steps South West and will then work with Mrs Slade to start the application process for university.
Monday 19th July: End of Year Liturgies will take place today. At St Boniface’s College, this will be in the morning at St Peter’s church, followed by normal lessons. At Notre Dame, it will be held outside in the afternoon, preceded by normal lessons. Please wear school uniform.
Tuesday 20th July – Sports Day will take place at both schools. Please wear PE kit.
Wednesday 21st July – Fun Day at both schools and all students can wear mufti. This day will involve a carousel of sporting and social activities taking place throughout the day in tutor groups. Food and drink will be provided during the day and it will end at 2pm, when students can go home.
Student Forum
Year 10 students in both schools are liaising with pastoral staff to set up a Student Forum from September. These will be democratically elected representative students and will include 3 students from each year group in Years 8, 9, 10 and in February of next year, Year 11 students will stand down and Year 7 students will be elected. The Student Forum will enable students to discuss and generate ideas.
Both schools have had something similar in the past, but due to the pandemic over the last two years, student consultation has only happened online.
Thank you to all parents and carers for your tremendous support over the recent uniform communications. Our student representatives are busy working on proposals to take to the governors before the end of term.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs Kate White