Messages for Year 13


Dear students,

What a year! You have had to adapt to the unknown, and you have shown incredible resilience and commitment.
I am so proud of what you have achieved in these unprecedented times. I wish you all a bright future.
Please keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on.
Best wishes,
Mrs Slade


Dear Year 13

Firstly, I want to congratulate you all on what you have achieved this year. To complete your KS5 studies in the unprecedented circumstances that you and your teachers have endured is remarkable; to have secured A-Level results; university places; training places or employment is an incredible achievement.

We are very proud of all of you for the way in which you worked towards your courses before the pandemic hit, and for the way in which you adjusted and responded once lockdown took place.

I am sorry that the national system that has been put in place this year to moderate and standardise A-Level results has left many of you disappointed, frustrated and anxious. We are confident that the judgements made by your teachers accurately reflect the grades that you would have achieved if you had been able to sit the examinations; it is extremely disappointing that for some of you the awarded grades do not reflect this.

Sadly, I do not think that the triple lock or appeals process will help many of you, but I do believe that universities, training providers and employers will be flexible, pragmatic and realistic about your results, and where there is a negative discrepancy between the awarded grade and the accurate teacher assessment, common sense will prevail.

Your teachers will continue to support you in your decision making process, and will remain immensely proud of you, and of the part that they have played in your future success.

You have been uniquely touched by the coronavirus pandemic, and it has undeniably presented you with significant challenges. However, I sense that your experiences will help shape you as a pathfinder generation of exceptional people who will develop a fairer more effective society, and a safer, more appreciated world.


Good luck for the future.

Kevin Butlin

Director of Education

Plymouth CAST Multi Academy Trust